Generally, there are three common scenarios for wedding limousine services.  Pricing will be customized for your event if it presents with unique circumstances. Our goal is to make sure it works for you. Please contact us to receive a rate quote for your transportation.

  1. “The Getaway”
    In this scenario, the car is used to pick up the bride and groom at the end of the reception. The newly wed couple is taken to their final destination, usually their hotel, airport, etc.  The car will arrive at least one hour before expected departure to allow for photo opportunities.  The bride and groom will be treated with complimentary Champagne in souvenir Champagne glasses, and time permitting, will be given a leisurely tour in their classic limousine while they savor the memories of the evening.  This is a one destination rental.

  2. “The Wedding Tour”
    In this case, the limousine will arrive in time to take the wedding couple from the wedding venue to the reception. The couple will have their first Champagne toast in souvenir Champagne glasses as they cruise to the reception.  The limousine can be used as an excellent backdrop for post wedding photos of the wedding party and families.  It will remain until the end of the reception to transport the newly weds to their hotel, airport, etc.  While at the reception, time permitting, the limousine may be utilized in a limited fashion to shuttle early departing family members to the hotel, etc.   This is a two destination rental.

  3. “The Full Monty”
    The full Monty is a commonly used British slang phrase indicating, “the full amount”.  In this context, it means the classic limousine will arrive at the bride’s home and transport the bride, her mother and/or the maid of honor with her to the church or wedding venue.  They will arrive with ample time before the ceremony for the bride and her accompanying bridesmaids to have opportunities for pre-wedding pictures.  Often, the photographer will take advantage of the classic motorcar as a terrific backdrop for photos of the bridal party. The limousine will remain with the party the entire day, transporting the newly weds from the church to the reception and subsequently to the post reception hotel, airport, or other final destination.  This is a three destination rental.

Miscellaneous:  There is a three-hour minimum for rentals on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Although rentals are based on time, there will be a flat fee for each of the three above scenarios and a contract for services signed by both parties before the event.

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